Monday, January 25, 2010

Let the countdown begin....

We finally have a date to when Charlee will be making her big arrival!! I had an appointment and non-stress today.....have another appointment on Thursday and non-stress test......FINAL ultrasound on Monday.....and into the hospital on Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 2nd) to be induced!! So by Wednesday Charlee should be here with us!

We are so excited for so many reasons! Excited to see the light at the end of the have me back into the action of get into a new "normal"....most importantly to meet our little girl! It has been a looooong hard wait for Chris and I. I love to be on the go and am really having a hard time right now being stuck in the house....but knowing that the big prize is so close does help!

We spent the weekend "spring cleaning" the house and throwing away things and bagging things up for Good Will. It feels so good to have it all done! I guess that Chris and I are both nesting right now =)

So hopefully soon we will have all kinds of great pictures and news to share!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One year later....

I can NOT believe that Chris and I have already been married a year, but I also can NOT believe that it has only been a year since we got married! =) I would have never guessed that one year later we would be waiting for our first baby to get here, but I am so excited that we are!

We did get to go OUT TO EAT last night for our Anniversary!

It was so nice to be able to get out of the house to go somewhere together besides the doctors office or the hospital. Since our Anniversary is being spent cooped up in the house, we've already decided we will make up for it and go somewhere next year.....Grammy, you may even get to babysit =)

Since I don't have any wedding pics posted on here, I thought I would throw some in here. I'm sure I'll spend a few hours today looking back at Wedding and Honeymoon pictures! So, enjoy!

Getting everything and everyone in their right spot
Acting like the crazy people that we are
All finished with pictures and ready to get the show startedMy handsome groom ready to get it all over with
The beautiful Reception...this is actually the church gym
Our Cupcake Cake! Yummy!
Just enjoying the reception =)Me and my Husband!
Of course, there had to be some dancin'Goodbye everyone!!
Headed out to Tennessee!

Being married has been even greater than I thought it would be! I can't imagine not spending the rest of my life with Chris. I am so blessed!! He is an awesome husband and I know he is going to be an awesome dad! I cant wait to see what the next 50 years has for us!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Charlee's Room

Since I am stuck on the couch, Chris had to put Charlee's room together by himself. He did a GREAT job though and it is as ready as it is going to get before she gets here.

Getting everything painted.
Bye-bye pretty orange....hello girly pink

The finished product:

Her beautiful diaper bag from Aunt Chele

And her carseat that Grammy and Poppa got her for Christmas

I admit it....Im a terrible blogger

My last post was in October, so yeah, I'm a little behind. Since then we have celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and had a lot happen in our pregnancy. So just pretend like I posted about all that Holiday goodness =)

At the beginning of December we went for a regular checkup with the doctor and found out I had high blood pressure and some protein. They ran some test and found out that I was the lucky winner of some Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (pre-eclampsia). Soooo I got put on strict bed rest.....I am allowed to go to the bathroom and that just about covers it. Our doctor wasn't too sure we were going to make it to 34 weeks and prepared us that we may be going to Little Rock for delivery. Since I have been such a great patient =) and have had so much great help from family and friends....I am still on bedrest and will be 34 weeks on Wednesday!!

I have had Non-Stress twice a week, and many doctor visits and lab work. We've also had 2 Biophysical profiles done on Charlee. This is pretty much just an Ultrasound that measures the size of her organs, her amniotic fluid and her growth. We found out after her 2nd one that she is going to have very long legs (measured 2 weeks earlier than her due date) and that her abdomen is not growing as it should. So we are supposed to have another one of these this next week and if it shows that she is still not growing properly, then we will be meeting our little bit within the week!! Dr. Watson said this is just due to the fact that because of my high blood pressure, my placenta is not giving Charlee all the nutrients she needs, so she can grow better on the outside than the inside if this doesn't change.

So pretty much, I have been off work for over a month, and have spent wayyyyy too much time in my house! I know it will all be worth it though when we finally get to see her!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend in Dallas

Chris actually got a Saturday off last weekend so we made a trip to Dallas! We went to his aunts house on Friday night and then on Saturday went shopping at Babies R Us and went to the Texas State Fair. We had a great time but I forgot to take my camera most of the time so I have just a few pictures :(

The cute little drummer boy

Grammy practicing pushing Charlee

Checking things out and scanning away!The weather was so nice!So sad because Grammy had left him. Isn't that so sad?!

Charlee has been staying in trouble lately :) After we got back from Dallas my legs ached for about 2 or 3 days. Nothing could make them feel better or make me comfortable. Finally one night it just stopped! I was so excited to be able to sleep that night. I woke up an hour later with major arm pains...she had rolled on over to a different nerve I guess! Thankfully that only lasted a day and she moved on off! How dare she start causing her momma trouble already!! =)

We start our childbirth classes tonight! It's a little early, but we want to get it all out of the way before the holidays get here! This will be class 1 of 6, so we shall see how it goes!

Friends & Fun

We went to Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and bought a Scrabble game. I have NEVER played Scrabble before....and now I know why! Scott, Britney and Ashley came over and we decided to give it a try. Ashley and I were on a team together and somehow managed to win!! Woohoo!!

We also all hit up Hollis' seafood the other night. It was sooooo good!! I'm pretty sure Charlee is going to LOVE her some starches! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's a ...................

Yesterday was the big day!! We had an appt @ 3:40 to find out what Raisi was! It was such a loooong day and I had sooooo many emotions. I was nervous, scared, excited all rolled up in one. I couldn't wait to see the little person inside of me, but was praying that everything was okay.

We got to Dr. Watson's office and found out she was in a delivery....AGAIN.....but this time we got to wait on her. An hour later we made our way back to the ultrasound room. My friend Jennifer, one of the nurses, was there today and always makes me laugh and calm me down. I had gained 3lbs. this time, so I am still doing good! She then told me that my blood was A- so I will have to take the lovely, painful, expensive shot and will wait to see if Raisi has to have one too. She then got the machine ready to go and headed out of the room.

As we waited for Donya to come in the room, we were getting TONS of text messages. We had a great time making everyone wait for the big news :) After a few minutes, Dr. Watson came in and was ready to roll! I drank a coke about an hour before we went hoping to "wake up the baby" so we would be able to tell what it was......and it definitely worked!! That little booger was squirming all over everywhere! Dr. Watson said we would just take as long as we needed to see some "parts". She checked out the head.....big......and the belly........pefect.......and the legs....long.....and the parts......GIRL!!! Woohooo!! Of course with girls there is always a little "what if", but she is pretty sure. (We're gonna check again next month just to make sure nothing has "dropped") She showed us the parts she was looking at, and Ill definitely take her word for it :) I did really well with my emotions and only teared up a little bit after she told us the sex. Chris and I were both very excited. She is going to have her daddy wrapped around her little fingers for sure!

So Charlee Michelle Riley is growing great and is due February 24th, 2010. I forgot to take pictures of the ultrasound pics, but Ill post them soon.

We wanted to tell everyone the news at the same time so we planned to bake a cake and all meet at moms after they got out of church. Everyone definitely had a hard time being patient and tried really hard to get some info out of us. We did really well holding it all in though! We did call Tim and Sarah first to let them know since they wouldn't be able to be here to see the cake (yeah, that really made mom anxious)! We got home and got to baking our pretty pink cake! After about 5lbs of icing it was ready to go and we headed down to moms and waited for the crowd to come. Then, we gave mom and Carla a knife and had them do the honors. As soon as they saw the pink, the screaming began. Everyone was so excited!!! We then watched the DVD and ate the cake (which was actually pretty tasty so they said).

It was such an amazing day that Chris and I will never forget! Now, the fun and decorating! :)